Adopt-A-Pet: February 28, 2019


February may be coming to an end, but there are still plenty of lovable pets to adopt, like Pez. Pez is a five-year-old domestic shorthair mix. Pez can be super shy at first, which makes him great at playing hide and seek. Once he warms up to you though, Pez is a huge fan of getting his belly scratched. He can be a little independent at times, but he’s really just a loving boy that’s waiting for his perfect match.

Next up is Pez’s roommate, Justine. Justine is a three-year-old domestic shorthair mix. She loves scratching posts and toys, especially feather wands. She is just an affectionate sweetheart that loves to cuddle, and is even okay with being picked up from time to time.

“She doesn’t mind being held at certain times, but now she is ready to get down, run around, and play,” said Michelle McCart, an adoption counselor at Helping Hands Humane Society. “But she lets you pet her, she loves to play, she would be great for an older couple that will just sit next to you on the couch and hang out.”

If puppies are more your style, look no further than Axel. Axel is an eight-month-old boxer and australian cattledog mix. He’s not the biggest fan of the camera, but he’s a huge fan of toys. Ropes, tennis balls, squeaky toys, Axel loves them all. He loves to bounce around and play, but he can be easily startled. With that in mind, Axel would do best with a patient family that doesn’t have any small children.

These three pets, and plenty more, are available for adoption at Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka.

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