How Lawrence Humane Society’s new shelter will benefit Topeka


The Lawrence Humane Society is currently campaigning to raise $7.5 million for their new shelter facility. 

Meghan Scheibe, the LHS Director of Development and Community Engagement, said Topeka organizations, like Helping Hands Humane Society, will benefit from the shelter since Lawrence will be able to increase their capacity and bring in animals from surrounding areas.

LHS is also looking for people in the community to foster animals. As the weather warms up, they begin to see more and more young puppies and kittens at the shelter. 

Most of these fur-babies are less than two months old and weigh less than two pounds, so the animals need to grow some more before they are adopted. 

If you’re looking for a forever friend, the sweet and energetic kitten featured in the video above is available for adoption. Her name is Brooke, and the two-month-old would be a great companion for anyone. 

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