TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local hedgehog family has now grown several hoglets bigger, the Topeka Zoo announced Wednesday.

(Courtesy Photo/Topeka Zoo)

One of the zookeepers was checking on the resident hedgehog, Bristle, when they noticed five baby hedgehogs that appeared to be around five hours old already, the Topeka Zoo said. Since that happened two and a half weeks ago at the time of the zoo’s announcement, the hedgehogs are already three times their birth size.

“Baby hedgehogs, sometimes called hoglets, come into the world with spines, but they are fairly soft and covered by a membrane to help protect the mother during birth,” the zoo said.

Three of the babies now appear to have normal coloration, and two are albinos, according to the zoo. It also wanted to give credit to Bristle for taking care of the babies as they adjusted to their new world.

“Bristle is an amazing mother,” the zoo said. “She is very attentive and ensures all of the babies are well taken care of, fed, and protected. This upcoming week, the babies should start exploring out of the nest a bit and may even start to test some foods.”