KSNT Contests – Past Winners

Contest Completion
Rules Winners Past Contests

2020 KSNT Pet Tricks and Pics Sweepstakes – Nancy Eckert – Topeka

Mother’s Day Sweepstakes – Stephanie Kennedy, Topeka

Big Screen For The Big Game – Jan M., Topeka

Home For The Holidays – Local Winner: Linda Hamme, Junction City; National Winner: Brenna Madrid, Minot North Dakota

2019 KSNT Auto Racing Challenge – David Konieczny, Jr. Covert, Danny Long, Tim Blanton, Sean Thomas, Shaley Long, Zach Moeller, Kathleen Powers, Brian Montgomery, Jonathan Haws, Bradley Long, Tammy Blankenship, John Abbott

2019 Mel Robbins National Sweepstakes – Local Winner – Melisa Burger, National Winner – Marion Simpson, Alexandria, LA

2019 KSNT What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy Sweepstakes – Melissa Lowrey

2019 KSNT Rescue My Grill Sweepstakes – Football Edition – Mike Speckman

2019 KSNT Pet Tricks and Pics Sweepstakes – Billie Cowley

2019 KSNT Back To School Photo Sweepstakes – Bryanna Estanol

2019 KSNT Best Place To Watch Fireworks Sweepstakes – Rachel Ballard

2019 KSNT Stay-cation Sweepstakes – Lindy Brewer

2019 KSNT My Funny Dad Sweepstakes – Linda Mathews

2019 KSNT Heartland Nationals Sweepstakes – Bryan Fitzpatrick, Ray Sullivan

2019 KSNT Rescue My Grill – Summer Edition – Daniel Reed

2019 KSNT Mother’s Day Sweepstakes – Martha Burge

2019 KSNT College Basketball Contest – David Konieczny, Whitney George, Robert Baily, Marci Perdew, Robbie Bradstreet, Amy Downs, Amanda Williams

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