Live artists get their shot as Topeka Blues Society brings back live music


TOPEKA (KSNT) – A local group is bringing the blues to the capital city and giving artists a chance to perform their art.

The Topeka Blues Society has been around since 2008, and along with putting on shows, they partner with other organizations and offer their Blues In Schools program, which brings the blues genre into the classroom. They also work to connect artists together.

“It’s a good little network of every little place, cities have their own blues society, so you can kind of network within those blues societies and go from, you know, maybe get gigs at different places,” said performer Billy Ebeling.

The Topeka Blues Society attracts people of all ages, even 15-year-old Layni Hernandez from Topeka.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity because not a lot of people get to do this and if they do, then it’s just really awesome for them too,” Hernandez said.

She encourages people her age who want to start performing to follow their dreams.

“If you hold back, then you might miss an opportunity and just take that chance and get that opportunity because there’s so many of them. Just go for it,” she said.

The Topeka Blues Society has more an impact on people than just entertainment.

“Some of the artists have songs called ‘Music is the Medicine’ and I truly believe music is the medicine,” said Gerry Schmanke, Topeka Blues Society President. “It just heals things that nothing else will.”

They’re holding a concert the third Wednesday of every month as part of their Summertime Blues series in Gage Park. You can read the full lineup below.

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