Local dad, daughter use cooking show as educational tool during stay at home order

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OVERBROOK, Kan. (KSNT) — With kids being home and parents having to keep them busy while social distancing, it can get a little tiring for kids.

So, a local dad is doing everything he can to keep his daughter entertained and educated during this time with a cooking show.

Laramie Figueroa is only three years old, but with her cooking skills, it’s as if she’s been doing it for a long time.

Laramie, or Chef Mimi in this case, has been cooking with her dad, Joe Figueroa, since December. Uploading the videos to Facebook for everyone to see.

Recently, the cooking lessons have taken on a whole new meaning. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, school is now at home and many parents work from home.

“Kids her age really don’t understand what’s going on,” Joe said. “Especially to the magnitude. They’re at home with their parents. They’re out of their normal routine and their parents are out of their normal routine. So we utilize this as our venue to be creative, and learn, and practice instruction.”

Joe makes sure Laramie is learning more than cooking.

“Cutting by myself,” Laramie said. “And rolling by myself, counting to three. And washing my hands, washing my hands.”

Joe uses both their time at home as a way to make education fun and interactive doing something they both love.

“Eventually, she gets bored with the simple stuff,” Joe said. “And you have to start making it a little bit more challenging to where she can learn new meats, new techniques and how to handle things differently.”

Their family is using this as a learning lesson for all parents and kids. Joe said the main thing he wants people to do is to engage and empower their kids in any way possible.

“We just hope that with what we are able to provide here today, it just gives them one more tool in the basket to be able to use,” Joe said.

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