Local musician looking to make it big in the music industry

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SILVER LAKE (KSNT) — A local man is looking to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Derek Montgomery lives in Silver Lake and moved from a small town in Missouri to attend college at Washburn University. He’s always been interested in music since high school but while attending college, his mind was still on music.

“Sitting down and making music makes me feel unlike anything else,” he said. “Even a hard day’s work, you know, I’ve worked 40-hour jobs. I don’t feel fulfilled doing it. So, with music, I feel fulfilled.”

He started pursuing his dreams to be a musician going by the stage name Grizz Lee and doing everything on his own from the beats and writing, as well as singing and rapping.

“I love making music and at this point, I’ve spent so much time doing it that it is my career,” he said. “Whether I make any money or not, I’m just prepared to live like this. I know it will pay off. I have to have faith that it will pay off.”

He’s worked with some famous names in the industry. He had rapper Riff Raff on his song Get My Own, as well as working with Chanel West Coast from the MTV show Ridiculousness.

“I get down sometimes and I think, ‘I’m a nobody. Maybe I made the wrong choice’,” he said. “But online, right now on my YouTube I have a music video with someone who I’ve always admired in music.”

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