CARBONDALE (KSNT) – A 14-year-old is doing things kids his age might just do to make a little money on the side. But for Bryce Combes, what started as a way to help people who are disabled has turned into a business.

Combes started mowing lawns when he was 12 years old. One of his grandparents was disabled and couldn’t do the yard work. So he got up, grabbed a lawnmower and got to work. From there, he was inspired thinking if his grandpa also can’t cut lawns there are probably others out there in the same situation. That’s when he started Bryce’s Lawn Care. It focuses on mowing, trimming and other yard work. He cuts some lawns for money but still makes sure to help the elderly and disabled for free.

Combes’ grandpa who inspired him has now passed away, but he always leaves Combes with motivation.

“He was my best friend and he really inspired me to do stuff,” he said. “He would say, ‘great job, keep it up. Keep going forward in your life.'”

Now, the lawnmowers he is using right now are not the ones he’s usually working with. Recently, Combes had a little bit of a step back when his usual mower fell off his trailer. That one was special to him because it was passed down from another grandpa of his.

“It fell off the trailer,” he said. “The tire tread blew off the tire. Then the vibration from the tire took the strap off and then the mower fell off. That was my grandpa’s mower. And he let me use it.”

Now he’s looking for help. There is a GoFundMe page started for him to get his lawnmower back. He’s not looking to use the money for a new one he just wants to get his original one fixed first.

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