WASHINGTON Co. (KSNT)- A corgi is helping her best friend pay for college through a children’s book, written and illustrated by a local high school student.

Kady Toole, 16, is a sophomore at Washington County High School. For one of her classes, she had to write a short story for a project. So she used her four-legged best friend, Izzy, as her main character.

“Izzy is the pet of the sheriff of this wild west town,” Toole said. “She has to save the day from the bad guys who rob the bank after the sheriff’s mustangs, who he treasures so much, go off and get a monthly pedicure.”

Toole got many good reviews on the school project. So she and her family decided to make a children’s book out of it, naming it “Izzy The Cowgirl Corgi”, written and illustrated by her. She got to work getting the book published, eventually selling copies on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The money from the book sales, once she breaks even, isn’t being stowed away in her pocket. She plans to use it to get ready for her future.

“I feel like I want to be prepared enough where I don’t have to kind of scramble for money,” she said. “You know, student loans and all that, somethings I don’t really want to deal with. So I’m hoping that it will help towards that. And I won’t…you know, I’ll be able to pay for most of my college.”

Izzy The Cowgirl Corgi fictionally saves a wild west town from a couple of bad guys making trouble. But in real life, Izzy is helping her best friend Kady Toole pay for college thanks to her book.

In the book, Izzy is a brave little pup afraid of nothing. However, Toole said that’s not the real Izzy. Izzy is a little afraid of a lot of things. But she is definitely a loving little one.

Toole plans to make a series of books with Izzy.

You can find more information on where to get Toole’s book by clicking here.

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