Manhattan sisters providing free laundry to the community through national non-profit

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)– Laundry detergent, a washer and dryer, and even money are some of the things many might take for granted. So two Manhattan sisters are doing their part to help people who don’t have these luxuries, helping give people confidence and security through a free laundry program.

Every second Tuesday of the month, twin sisters Krystin Guggisberg and Tahnee Matuszewicz meet up at the Suds Y’r Duds laundry mat in Manhattan, paying it forward to people in the community by paying for their laundry.

“Just about giving people their dignity back. and we hope to do that here,” Matuszewicz said.

“They show up and no questions asked,” Guggisberg said.

The sisters are in charge of Laundry Love MHK. It’s a national non-profit that washes clothes and bedding of low-income, or no-income families, and even people who just need a little extra help that month.

“A lot of our low-income families live in rental units without laundry services,” Guggisberg said. “So this is just a tangible need after scoping out what’s in Manhattan. I know this is a tangible need that wasn’t being met three years ago.”

Around 2017, Guggisberg and Matuszewicz got the idea to bring this to Manhattan after seeing a mutual friend started one in another city in Kansas.

“We had a friend from K-State who moved back to Hutchinson and started a Laundry Love there,” Matuszewicz said. “So we were kind of seeing her post about all the awesome things they were doing providing meals for the people in their community and free laundry.”

They also realized help for laundry wasn’t really an option as many community organizations focus on helping with rent or food.

“We saw other people helping the community, and we realized this was an event we could do once a month, doesn’t take that much time it doesn’t take that much effort, and we’re helping people in big ways,” Matuszewicz said.

So how does it work exactly? People come to the laundry mat and get a sandwich bag. Inside that bag is a detergent pod, fabric softener and coins to pay for the machines. But it’s not just one load they are providing.

“We help them get through five loads,” Guggisberg said. “We provide their quarters, we provide their laundry soap and their dryer sheets.”

Many of us take for granted the luxury we have when it comes to having clean clothes every day. Thanks to these Manhattan sisters, every second Tuesday of the month, everyone can walk away with clean clothes for free.

“If the service isn’t necessary for them something they could do is really easy,” Guggisberg said. “If they noticed that laundry detergent is on sale, grab a second one, and donate it to us. Laundry is such an easy way for us to make someone feel valued.”

Laundry Love MHK started in September 2017. Since then, they’ve done a total of 3,911 loads, helping more than 1,086 people. The most loads they’ve seen in a month so far was in December 2020 with 196 loads.

They are always looking for volunteers to help them since this is all volunteer-based. Here is a full list of the other Laundry Love locations.

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