TOPEKA (KSNT) — A Topeka woman is doing recycling and reusing in a way to help others emotionally. Using the things you throw away without a second thought, letting others express their frustrations.

From cups to plates and even a Keurig, there are a lot of options to break and smash at the Havoc Room.

Carrie Correll is the owner of the new business coming to Topeka. She got the idea to do something different, becoming her own boss.

“I was actually working with a lady to do online estate sales for a while,” she said. “She’s kind of going in a different direction and this kind of opened up an avenue for me. I was like, I want to do my own thing.”

Correll began compiling ideas of different things people can do in their free time. That’s when a rage room came to mind. It’s a place where people can express their frustrations by…literally breaking things.

“We allow people to come into our space,” she said. “We give you protective gear, overalls, hardhats, gloves, safety goggles. And we allow you to just come in and smash and break all the things. Glass, old electronics, old furniture.”

While Correll is ironing out a few kinks before opening, she needs a little help. If you’re looking to get rid of old dishes, furniture, really anything that can be smashed she’ll take it!

“We will definitely take donations,” Correll said. “Glass bottles that you have, wine bottles, beer bottles. Any old furniture that may have a broken leg on a chair. You’re just going to throw them in the trash anyway. We’ll definitely come and pick those up.”

Rage rooms have become common, in fact, there are a couple here in Kansas but none in the Capital City.

“I’m excited to open this business,” she said. “I’m excited to give people of Topeka something to do.”

Havoc Room is a family-owned and operated business. Correll and her sons will handle the business while they get up and running.

Havoc Room is located in central Topeka, not too far from Washburn University in the former Kwik Staff building, at 2600 SW 17th St.

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