TOPEKA (KSNT)– A Topeka student’s artwork is getting first-place recognition.

Rylee Salts is a Topeka High School student. She recently won a contest that required designing a CubeSat mission patch as part of the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation. A CubeSat is a type of miniaturized satellite for space research made up of multiple cubic modules.

Rylee Salts winning CubeSat design

She got involved with the project as part of her astronomy and graphic design classes. Many students around the state submitted work for the contest but Salts, and her partner, took first place. She said for other kids looking to do something out of their comfort zone, just do it!

“Try and do something, even if you feel like you might not be able to do it, just do it,” Salts said. “What’s the worst that can happen? Someone is just going to say no. That’s it.”

Salts took advice on design changes from her classmates, as well as teachers to make sure she stood out with her design. The design will be made into the official patch to be worn by NASA engineers and mission staff. As for Salts, it will help her in the future.

“This could get me scholarships,” Salts said. “I can get so many things with this! It’s so awesome to think about. I’m so happy.”

Salts wants to be an artist in the future.

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