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Rock Bottom and Back: How a Topeka man turned his life around

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - From going in and out of foster care homes, to alcoholism, to drugs, Antwaun Jones has felt like his life for the past 40 years has been a roller coaster.

"That drunk, or that guy that used to get high, or that guy that no one wanted to be around, no one cared about," That's how Jones describes how people used to view him.

He hated it, it wasn't who he wanted to be, but since he was a little boy his life had been full of ups and downs.

"My parents were in and out of my life," Jones said. "I went to a different school every single year."

Once he got older, Jones got addicted to alcohol and drugs.

"I spent basically the first 40 years of my life using," he said.

Jones is getting ready to turn 46, but trust us, he doesn't look like.

Not only does it look like he hasn't aged, Jones has had a lot of positive things happen to him.

He went to college at Washburn University and walked on to the football team.

He also worked for Topeka Public Schools where he even won an award for distinguished staff member.

Despite having some ups, Jones would always find himself hitting rock bottom again. 

That was until just over two years ago when Jones went to Valeo Behavioral Health Care for help.

He was homeless at the time so he moved into the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Both groups gave him the help he desperately needed, and the Topeka Rescue Mission gave him a job as the Warehouse Assistant at their boutique.

"The ability to get up this time is something I've got to a give a lot of glory to," Jones said. "First Jesus, and then the mission for giving me an opportunity for when I was really at my lowest point."

Jones feels like he's finally off the roller coaster, and he's no longer 'that guy.'

"That's a big difference because if you're just that guy no one knows you, it just could be anybody, but if they know who I am than that means something."

And now a lot more people know all about Antwaun Jones.




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