Someone You Should Know: Eric Brodkin

Someone You Should Know

Manhattan, KAN. (KSNT)  –  Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, and Eric Brodkin is proving that phrase is true for anyone, no matter what obstacles they face.

“Easy, peasy lemon squeezy,” Brodkin, a strongman competitor said when describing the attitude he has when taking part in competitions that requires him to pull thousands of pound of weight.

Brodkin’s latest competition, pulling a 33,000 lb truck, “With what I can do started in a gym in Manhattan, Kansas.” It was at that gym, where a man told Brodkin he could never do these strongman competitions,”Of course that was his intention, you know you can’t do it, watch this.”

With all his supporters watching on May 18th, he moved the 33,000 lb truck. While it may not have been as far as he wanted, it was a big accomplishment for Brodkin, who has cerebral palsy, and is wheelchair bound, “I was born with a real mild case, now when I say mild I mean I could walk to some extent,” Brodkin said.

That all changed for him in fourth grade when he had a surgery, “They cut my achilles too short so its always been strained,” Brodkin said. “That’s basically how I was put into a wheelchair for life basically.” Instead of being bitter about his situation, Brodkin learned to appreciate the small things, “Because if I didn’t have use of my arms I’d be a lot worse off, so it made me appreciate everything else a little more.”

His hope is that people will be inspired by seeing him do his strongman competitions, that they too will realize they are capable of anything,”I grew up with the mentality go big or go home,” Brodkin said. “I don’t say that, I say go big and then go home.”

Brodkin says he does plan to try and pull the 33,000 lb truck again. The next thing he wants to try and pull is a yacht. Of course that wouldn’t happen in Kansas. Brodkin said its a work in progress, but he’s trying to get something setup in Florida.

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