Teen with terminal cancer hopes to accomplish bucket list

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Living each day like it’s your last.

That’s what 17-year-old Seth Cummings is doing, not only because he wants to, but because it’s his only choice.

Last month Seth learned he has Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer that affects teens and young children, and is terminal.

“That really struck me hard because I had like, a big life planned out, I was going to do amazing things,” Seth said. “And then I hear it’s terminal, and I was like ugh.”

Yet, right after telling us that during our interview with him, he immediately follows up with how his terminal diagnosis has been a blessing.

“The best part, was my family really spoils me now, they’re trying to help me have the best time ever,” Seth said.

His family even recently threw him a celebration of life party, as a way for him to attend his own funeral.

“We wanted Seth to have opportunity to see all of his friends and family, and all of his supporters while he was still healthy and up and able to communicate and interact with everyone,” Heather Cummings, Seth’s adoptive mother said.

Inside Topeka West High School’s gym, where Seth goes to school, he says his goodbyes, “Maybe seeing people for the first or last time,” Seth said.

Seth could try and fight his cancer, but ultimately the prognosis is not in his favor. He underwent chemotherapy, but hated it, so he decided to choose quality of life, over quantity of life,  “I said lets stop treatment so I can just live my life to the fullest,” he said.

Now Seth and his family will spend the next few weeks and months traveling around the country. He’s getting the chance to do everything he’s ever dreamed of, like flying in helicopters, and going to Vegas. His only fear is running out of time.

“I’m a little scared that I may not be able to see everything, cause they said I have weeks to months,” Seth said.

It’s heartbreaking to hear a 17-year-old with his life ahead of him, accept his grim reality. But if there is anyone who can handle it, it’s Seth. He’s already had a tough life, spending most of his childhood in and out of foster care. Just within the last few years he was adopted by the family he’s always wanted.

“I’m super happy that we have this opportunity to be there for him as his parents as he goes through this process,” Heather said. “Because I don’t know who would’ve been there otherwise, and I feel privileged to be Seth’s mom and have the opportunity to fill his bucket list.”

Here’s a few of the things on Seth’s bucket list:

  • Visit the San Diego Zoo
  • Visit Washington D.C.
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park
  • Visit the Mammoth caves in Kentucky
  • Fly in a Black Hawk helicopter
  • See the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas
  • Fire a cannon out of an army tank

You can help Seth do everything on his bucket list by making a donation to his GoFundMe, click HERE if you would like to donate.

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