Topeka man helping people see Pilots games through the eyes of players

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A Topeka man is changing the way hockey is viewed in the city, with new technology that’s being tested in Topeka.

Austin Wright is changing the game, the hockey game that is.

“Being able to launch this company in my hometown, is awesome,” Wright said.

In January, Austin started his company Experience FPV, and it’s definitely an experience. Meaning through goggles, people can see real-time action. Austin teamed up with the Topeka Pilots to bring this entertainment to the games. Giving people his goggles to see exactly what the players see in real time.

“When we put our cameras on the players, and then the fans put the helmets on, they’re literally seeing what the players see,” Austin said. “When they see it, it really makes you feel like you’re on the ice.”

But not only is this making the game more interesting, it’s helping bring in new fans who may not even be interested in hockey.

“What Austin is doing, is really providing a high-tech, interactive look at the game of hockey” Pilots head coach, Simon Watson said. “And if we can get fans to look at that aspect of it, I think it’s going to be a great thing for them, and it’s going to be a great thing for the game of hockey.”

Some see Austin’s company as a chance to keep Topeka more exciting.

“I mean, it’s been smooth sailing really,” said Daniel Mandel with the Topeka Pilots. “Austin’s been amazing to work with. That guy is like no one I’ve ever met.”

But Austin sees this chance as an opportunity outside of the ice rink, changing the game of hockey, one experience at a time.

“There’s a lot of really exciting things going on in Topeka,” Austin said. “I think entrepreneurship makes the world go round. I’m so excited to be a part of the whole Topeka movements. It’s really an honor.”

Austin’s company is also providing all of his equipment and goggles for the games for free. This is because they’re demoing whether or not they will keep the technology at the games.

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