Topeka native wins national pageant title aimed for women, girls with disabilities

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — She was in a coma for seven days, coming out of it paralyzed. On top of that, she was fighting another disability she was born with. Despite all that, a Topeka girl is making a name for herself nationally, taking home a big title from a pageant made for girls and women just like her.

Kirstianna Guerrero has lived quite a life in only 20 years, one that she manages to always find beauty in.

Guerrero was born with epilepsy, a type of disorder that can cause seizures. She took medications all her life to get them under control, eventually hitting a milestone with her condition.

“In 2019, I went a year seizure-free,” Guerrero said. “I got weaned off all my meds and I was the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

It didn’t last though. In 2020 she started having grand mal seizures which left her with injuries and hospital stays.

“The medicine that always worked for me takes two months to become therapeutic,” she said. “So they were trying me on new meds and I ended up having reactions to them that ended me up in a coma for seven days, and I came out completely paralyzed. Then it mimicked a stroke. From there I spent two weeks in the hospital “

A new disability she had to live with but embraced.

Guerrero signed up to compete in the Kansas chapter of the Miss Amazing pageant. It’s a pageant for girls and women with disabilities. In March of 2020, she took home the title for Kansas Miss Amazing Teen. But because of Covid-19, she got to hold on to the title a little longer.

At the beginning of August 2021, she and her family traveled to Nashville to compete in nationals, coming back to her hometown of Topeka as the National Miss Amazing Teen.

“Two years ago I would have never thought that I’d be doing anything like this,” she said. “I can now call myself a national pageant queen? Like what?! Me? What?”

Guerrero doesn’t let her disabilities get the best of her. She makes the most out of the situations and hurdles sent her way, even making sure others’ happiness is put before hers.

“Through everything, I am able to be the same person I always was even if I don’t have the same mobility, and still bring others joy,” she said.

She wants her story to inspire everyone to not let disadvantages in life get in the way. Encouraging others to find beauty in the amazing life given to us all.

Guerrero enjoys making others laugh through comedy. She loves to make jokes and do stand-up comedy. In fact, comedy was a part of her passions presentation for both the Kansas pageant and nationals.

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