Topeka teen becomes 1st female in local Boy Scout troop to earn ‘Eagle Scout’ honor

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – She’s the first girl of her Boy Scouts troop to receive the high honor of Eagle Scout after building a proper flag retirement box for her school.

Camryn Clark is a Boy Scout here in Topeka. She’s moved up the ranks pretty fast, the highest rank you can get is an Eagle Scout. In order to get the honor, they are required to come up with a pretty big project. Clark’s idea, giving flags waiting to be retired a proper place to sit as they were dropped off at Washburn Rural High School.

“They had only a cardboard box to put their flags in while we were waiting to have the flag retirement,” Clark said. “I didn’t think that was a very proper place.”

The cardboard box didn’t sit right with her, so she got to work putting in countless hours and time to make sure the flags sat somewhere nice before being properly disposed of.

“I just thought it was such a good idea,” Clark said. “I could help out my school, and this class that I really like taking. And, I can also get my Eagle Scout with it.”

About six months later her project was finally finished. What’s even better is she officially became an Eagle Scout. Clark is the first girl to obtain the honor in her troop.

“Not a lot of girls have been able to do this the same way that all these boys have,” Clark said. “It was kind of intimidating to see all these people who have done projects and having to, essentially, live up to what they have done and how people wanted my project to turn out.”

Clark said the work she put in for the retirement box was a lot, but being able to be an example for other girls who want to join the Boy Scouts makes it all worthwhile.

“Go for it,” Clark said. “It was kind of a leap of faith for me because I didn’t know how I’d like it, or how well people would react to it. But, it really was probably the best decision I’ve made in a really long time.”

Clark isn’t just a Boy Scout, she’s also been a member of Girl Scouts and Venture Crew. On July 24, she will have her Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

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