TOPEKA, kan. (KSNT)– How would you feel if every box of pizza you purchased helped a child who is fighting cancer? Helping them in a way to keep families close together in a time that can be so hard.

Domino’s Pizza is making sure they are doing something to help the families who are going through the challenging situation of childhood cancer. The business is soon providing housing at its Memphis campus to help ease another concern.

“The number one way we raise funds is actually through people just rounding up on their check,” Steve Covey said, director of development for Domino’s Dream Team Pizza.

Every year, Domino’s runs its “Thanks and Giving” campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“You know, two cents here, 30 cents there,” Covey said. “Doesn’t seem like a lot at the time, but it adds up.”

Now, the pizza chain is doing things differently, taking the campaign year-round to help build the Domino’s Village. The Domino’s Village will be used to give families a chance to stay close to their child for free. Families like Kris Myers-Trysla.

At seven months old, Myers-Trysla’s son Clayton was faced with a rare cancer diagnosis.

“They did a scan on him and he was diagnosed with a primitive neuroectodermal tumor,” she said. “Stage four brain cancer.”

Their family had to get up and leave their Kansas home to relocate to Memphis for Clayton’s treatment. That’s when they were placed in the Target House on the St. Jude campus.

“There’s different housing. There’s the Tri Delta House, the Ronald McDonald House and then there’s the Target House. The Target House is for families that know they’re going to be there longer than three months.”

Finding a place to stay another financial hurdle St. Jude did not want families to deal with.

“Cancer is expensive,” Myers-Trysla said. “Nobody can afford cancer. But for those families that would be like, ‘I absolutely…I don’t have the insurance, I can’t get my child treatment’. I mean, it’s just such a gift to so many people.”

That’s where Domino’s Pizza comes in, as they get ready to start building the Dominos Village, with your help.

“Obviously you have to have loved ones near there when your children are in the hospital,” Covey said. “Domino’s Village will be a place that families will get to stay for free while their children are receiving care. And that’s scheduled to open in 2023.”

You can help a family and their child get through the tough battle of childhood cancer with every slice and shred of cheese at Domino’s, as a way to make sure no one sees a bill while at St. Jude.

Across the nation, one of Domino’s Pizza in Topeka came in second place for raising the most money for St. Jude in 2020. In total, all stores in the U.S. raised more than $13 million.