TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)- Anytime it’s nice out, you’ll find Edwin Gonzalez outside playing his favorite sport, soccer.

Yet if you were to ask him where he got his ball, he would tell you a story even the best goalie wouldn’t see coming. As Lindsay Rodriguez, Edwin’s sister told us, last week while her brother was playing outside with his soccer ball he had been warned to take it easy, “My dad told him to not kick it really hard,” Rodriguez said.

Just like any little boy might do, Edwin didn’t listen to his dad. Sure enough, one kick to hard, his ball rolled into the street. Ironically at that same exact time a Topeka Police officer was driving by, “He didn’t see it until he popped it,” Gonzalez. said.  “And then he came back, gave me the old ball and he told me he’d give me a ball back.”

Topeka Police officer Ralph Belt kept his word. Returning a few days later with a new soccer ball, even giving Edwin’s sisters a present as well, police stickers.

A random act of kindness that’s caught the attention of hundreds through a Facebook post, written by one of Edwin’s neighbors. The post explains how officer Belt replaced Edwin’s soccer ball. It’s been liked by over 600 people, and shared more than 50 times. Serving as a reminder to the hundreds who’ve read the post, and Edwin’s family how officer’s are human, just like the rest of us.

We asked Edwin and his sister, both under the age of 10 what they learned from this officer’s act of kindness, Edwin’ sister told us, “They just try their best to be helpful.” As for Edwin, he told us police are nice, “They’re not trying to be mean, and they’re helpful and they try to save people.”

Even if in this case it was just saving a little boys soccer ball by replacing it. There’s no doubt, Officer Belt definitely scored a goal in the hearts of everyone who heard about this story, especially Edwin’s..