Topeka Youth Project providing opportunities for young adults


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – For over three decades a local organization has worked to help young people stay out of trouble by providing them opportunities around the community.

The Topeka Youth Project has provided more than 75,000 hours of community service to the Capital City and Shawnee County.

The organization offers two programs for people to choose from: the Jobs For Young Adults program and Youth Court. The first one pairs them with local businesses to develop helpful skills such as communication, decision making and financial literacy. Youth Court educates young adults on how their actions have an impact on themselves and others.The judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, jurors, bailiff, court clerk and defendants are all teenagers.

Topeka Youth Project has worked with several businesses and organizations to help make a better future for these young adults.

“We love being a part of Topeka and being an integral part of so many businesses here in Topeka, helping to take young workers into their first job and help make sure they succeed. Put a little money in their pocket so they can redistribute to other businesses,” Executive Director Mark Arganbright said.

He also said the organization is seeing grandchildren of people they helped when Topeka Youth Project first got started in the 1980’s.

If you’re interested in participating or want to be a volunteer, click here.

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