TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Silverbackks in Topeka works with the homeless and less fortunate, and it’s all run by volunteers.

“We’re pretty lowkey,” said Jackie Brown, Silverbackks Hygiene Lead. “We don’t judge. We just offer our services.”

Silverbackks was co-founded by Jude Quinn and a friend one hot summer day in 2011 when they decided to pass out water bottles to the homeless.

“I’m like, this is what it should be. It should be like, there was a need, there’s people that want to help, let’s do something about it,” Quinn said. “You always see something wrong in the community and you say, ‘Someone should do something about that.’ Well, why not me? Why don’t I do something about that?”

And so it evolved from there. Silverbackks now hands out things like hygiene products and bras once a month and serves hot lunches every Sunday. They also donate full-size hygiene products to Topeka Public Schools’ 501 Community Cupboard, as well as things like blankets, scarves and gloves to the community when it’s cold out.

“It’s for love of community. And it’s always been that. It’s unconditional love for community,” Quinn said.

Silverbackks works out of Lundgren Elementary in east Topeka.

They moved there at the beginning of this year because before, all of their supplies were in three different locations.

“This opportunity came up to be in one place. No steps, a parking lot and it just seemed it was the right time to make a change,” Brown said.

Although Quinn stepped down due to personal reasons, he said it blows his mind seeing how many people are served.

“I’m very very proud that the seed I planted continues to grow,” he said. “It’s like a parent seeing their child grow up.”

Quinn said Silverbackks hasn’t missed a meal since it started and no meals go to waste. They take any leftovers to homeless camps or families they know who are struggling.

Silverbackks is in need of volunteers right now. There aren’t any meetings or requirements. You just have to sign up and show up. If you’re interested in signing up to be a volunteer, click here.

You can read more about the services Silverbackks provides by clicking here.