Dr. Bollier joins KSNT for an exclusive Senate Q&A

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Dr. Barbara Bollier joined KSNT Wednesday night for an exclusive Senate Q&A, just seven days before next week’s general election.

KSNT invited both major party candidates, Dr. Roger Marshall and Bollier, however, only Bollier agreed to join, leaving her the lone candidate in the Q&A.

During the interview Bollier was asked a variety of questions ranging from healthcare to immigration along with several other hot topics.

After months battling the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Bollier was asked whether she thinks U.S. leaders have united the country or divided it.

Bollier said that we need leaders in this country who follow science. She added that she is appalled to see her opposition out campaigning without wearing a mask, and goes as far as to say that Marshall has followed minimal social distancing guidelines.

Before changing her party affiliation to Democrat in 2018, Bollier was a Republican. She said that it was something that just happened over time, but stemmed from a politician that she voted for years ago who prioritized people over party affiliation.

“I got to the legislature and just found myself at odds with the [Republican] party so many times,” Bollier said. “Ultimately, I endorsed our Governor, Laura Kelly, across party lines. I realized it was time to change parties. My values did not change at all, my votes did not change, the party changed.”

If elected, state Sen. Bollier looks to bring many things to Washington, highlighted by affordable healthcare, support of seniors, and adequately funding public education.

However, Bollier said that the most important issue facing the U.S. Senate is the inability for Congress to work together. She also said that healthcare is a close second, specifically in regards to getting people the resources they need during the pandemic.

Marshall said on Twitter he could not make it to the debate due to a prior commitment in Southeast Kansas. He made additional comments the evening of the special with Bollier.

Look we heard something about that debate in Topeka months ago and then they dropped it, so I don’t know if we got set up or what happened with that. We debated her once in Topeka already, debated her in Wichita and we offered to do a third debate in Kansas City and she refuses to do that. So, I don’t know where this debate in Topeka thing, I didn’t even know about it until yesterday.

Roger Marshall

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