POTTAWATOMIE CO. (KSNT) – Pottawatomie County residents will soon vote to approve or deny a retailers’ sales tax to fund projects across the county.

On the ballots for this year’s general election, voters in Pottawatomie County will either vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for an additional retailers’ sales tax of 0.25% to be put into place Jan. 1, 2024. This proposed 0.25% retailers’ sales tax is in addition to the existing retailers’ sales tax of 1%. According to information from the Pottawatomie County Election Office, the money collected from the retailers’ sales tax will go towards the following projects:

  • Upgrade and pave Harvest Road from Excel Road to Lake Elbo Road
  • Upgrade and pave Excel Road from Cara’s Way to Harvest Road
  • Construct new road and bridge and pedestrian paths from Harvest Road to Junietta Road
  • Upgrade and pave Vineyard Road and Chapman Roads south of U.S. Highway 24
  • Upgrade and pave Salzer Road from Say Road to Elm Slough Road
  • Upgrade and widen Elm Slough Road from Flint Rock Road to Highway 99
  • Replace Louisville Road Bridge (POT52)
  • Upgrade roadway and widen shoulders on portions of Flush Road
  • Upgrade Pleasant View Road approximately 1300 feet North of Ogee Road to Diamond Road
  • Upgrade Doyle Creek Road from Riley Creek Road to Pleasant View Road to rural road design
  • Upgrade Shawguee Road to rural road design
  • Belvue Bridge over Kansas River deck replacement
Photo courtesy / Pottawatomie County Administrator

If approved, no money from this additional 0.25% retailers’ sales tax will be distributed to any city within the limits of Pottawatomie County. The Pottawatomie County Administrator, Chad Kinsley, told 27 News to his understanding, the projects listed above will be completed with funds from this proposed sales tax revenue or property tax revenue.