TOPEKA (KSNT) — Local elections got underway Tuesday and some employees might have found it difficult to get out and vote if they’re scheduled to work.

Stormont Vail wanted to make it easier for its employees to exercise their democratic rights, so they decided to adjust their policies. If employees worked on Election Day, they had the ability to either come in two hours late or leave two hours early, so they could make it to the polls before they closed.

“Our team members feel empowered,” David Villanueva, director of employee relations at Stormont Vail, said. “As a member of our organization and community, they just really want to be able to feel supported by their organization to vote for things that are important.”

Stormont even had procedures in place that allowed patients who were unable to make it to the polls in person to have the ability to participate in the elections too. All they had to do was contact the Patient Experience Department at (785) 354-6277 by 8 a.m. on Election Day. The Director said this is usually the system used for other elections as well.

You can find all election results here.