TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka’s deputy mayor has moved one seat up after beating a political newcomer in Tuesday’s general election.  

Mike Padilla, who holds status as a veteran of Topeka politics with deputy mayor and city council titles under his belt, beat out Leo Cangiani in an evening tally of precincts. Cangiani, an educator for Topeka Public Schools, could not gather the momentum needed against Padilla with a little more than half of the new mayor’s votes. 

Padilla will serve a four-year term as mayor and earn $40,000 per year. The mayor provides leadership and has veto power over the decisions of the nine-person city council. 

After current Mayor Michelle De La Isla announced she wouldn’t seek reelection as she was quitting politics, five candidates including Padilla, Cangiani, Patrick Klick, Daniel Brown and John Lauer joined in the race. Ruling out reelection to the District 5 city council seat, Padilla was the only candidate for mayor until the other four hopped in last-minute before the entry deadline in June.  

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