TECUMSEH (KSNT) – Shawnee Heights football is ready to make some noise this fall after a 5-5 record last year.

“Sky’s the limit with this team,” lineman Aidan Fennell said. “We feel like we can do anything.”

With high level of talent in the area, the Thunderbirds don’t feel like they’re getting the credit they deserve.

“It’s kind of difficult to hear that disrespect every time they come out with the rankings, but that’s ok, that’s why we play the games,” quarterback Nicholas Freland said.

The players feel that disrespect, but coaches are eager to let the on-field product do the talking.

“That’s the fun things for the fans and all the other stuff,” head coach Jason Swift said. “We work everyday. We prove who we are by how we play and how we carry ourselves. It’s alright. We don’t need it.”

The players look past this by looking up the Shawnee Heights greats before them.

“Wyatt (Hubert), Corey Ballentine with the Atlanta Falcons, Austin Willis, played at Emporia State then got some work with the Raiders,” Freland said.

“Those guys are definitely an inspiration to us no matter what,” Fennell said. “Wyatt Hubert, Corey Ballentine, those guys. I remember watching them growing up, when I was in the stands here as a youth football player. Those guys are definitely where you want to be. You got standards to look up to.”