TOPEKA (KSNT)- Highland Park football hasn’t won a football game since 2014. The Scots expect that streak to end this fall.

“120% confident,” senior wide receiver Tre Richardson said. “We got all the pieces to win the game.”

Coach Jermaine Monroe says this year’s team feels different.

“They want it bad,” Monroe said. “They’re very resilient.”

Seniors, such as New Mexico State commit Richardson, lead the team.

“His leadership has been amazing this year,” Monroe said.

“We’re seniors, so we got to take leadership,” senior A’ydren Drew-Gregory said. “We got to own everything we do. It all comes back on us.”

It’s not just the seniors committed to this mission.

“We’re bringing the younger guys up with us, too,” senior linebacker/fullback Mackie James said. “I feel like it’s starting to be a team now. We’re ready to win.”

They’re hoping success this year will change Highland Park football’s future.

“It means a lot to me because we’re making history,” senior quarterback Kei’Juan Johnson said. “My dad used to go to Highland Park and they always talk to me about how good he was. I just want to put my name out there instead of people saying his.”

Every year since Coach Monroe started coaching in 2009, he has written down goals for his team before the season. He started to do the same for this year’s team, then had a change of heart.

“I ripped up the paper and I said ‘W-I-N.’ We need to win,” Monroe said.

Winning starts before the Friday night lights for the Scots.

“Right now, we’re winning at every practice,” James said. “We got, what, 40 guys out here? We’re winning today. Let’s win tomorrow.”

Highland Park’s schedule will look different this fall. It’s now playing in the KCK-Atchison league.