MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Though skeptical to have his son be the starting quarterback because of the stereotype, Manhattan High head coach Joe Schartz gave the keys to the offense to Keenan.

The decision paid off, as Manhattan won its first state football title since 1988, defeating Gardner-Edgerton on Saturday, November 26.

The father/son tandem sat down with 27 Sports Reporter Landon Reinhardt Tuesday to discuss the state championship after emotions have settled from a few days ago.

“It’s been just an amazing season,” Joe Schartz said. “We’re so blessed to have such talented and loyal players and talented and loyal coaches. When you put that mixture together, it leads to a state championship.”

They spoke about what it means to not only win a state championship, but to do it together. They say that it helped them to be able to bounce ideas off each other any time of the day…or night.

“Having him there at all times, just to answer any questions I might have that might be flying through my mind…it’s definitely an advantage,” Keenan Schartz said.

The Schartzes talk about gifting linebacker Jaxon Vikander a pint of ice cream after Vikander said he wanted Braum’s after the victory.

“I told the kids all along, you win a state championship…he wanted ice cream, we weren’t able to get ice cream after the game, so we got it to him the next morning,” Joe Schartz said.

The full interview is in the video above.