ST. GEORGE, KS. (KSNT)- The Rock Creek football team won its first playoff game since 2011 on Friday.

They’re looking to make a playoff run when almost no one expected them to.

Rock Creek senior captain Matthew Wainwright was asked if he thinks their team has surprised some people this year.

“Absolutely,” Wainwright said.

This years senior class has been overlooked for as long as they can remember.

“All of my sports careers have been overshadowed by that huge athletic class of last year… Following them up all the way through high school, [we’ve] kind of been living in their shadow.” Wainwright said.

Last year’s senior class made a playoff run in basketball and won a state title in baseball. Eighteen of those seniors were starters on the football team. For this reason, many people thought it would be a down year for the Mustangs but it has been anything but that.

“I was even talking with one of my classmates and they were like ‘Weren’t you guys supposed to suck this year?’ And I was like ‘Well…we kind of put our foot in the ground and kept going forward,'” Wainwright said.

The starting quarterback says he didn’t doubt this team, even while others did.

“Everybody’s been doubting us this year.. I didn’t really doubt us. We knew what we had. We have a bunch of athletes,” junior starting quarterback Dalton Whitworth said.

The team had a decision to make. They could be discouraged by people doubting them, or they could use it as fuel. It’s clear to see which route they chose to take.

“We basically used it as a fire, a momentum we have. If you’re doubting us, go ahead. We’re going to do what we do and show out,” Whitworth said.

“That’s definitely something that fueled us. We don’t want to wait for next year. We don’t want to rebuild. We want to be great now and great for years to come,” junior WR/DB Yanci Spiller said.

“We could either just lay down and let our year be a rebuild or make something happen which is what we did,” Wainwright said.

“Everybody talks about that last years class. I think our seniors this year, they kind of see themselves as an underrated group and they always got a chip on their shoulder and are looking to prove themselves, so they’ve done a great job all year,” head coach Shane Sieben said.