AXTELL, KS. (KSNT)- Winning a State title is always special, but for the Detweiler family in Axtell, it meant even more.

“Excited is not a word that describes it right now,” Eric Detweiler said. “Second time ever in history we’ve won a state championship, so super excited.”

The State championship was also special for his son, starting quarterback Isaac Detweiler.

“[A] lifelong goal is to come out here and win a state football championship,” Isaac Detweiler said.

Isaac’s younger brother, Wyatt, was involved too. He is the team’s ball boy. Winning a state title together was something they always dreamed about.

“To be able to get that- finally achieve that goal and celebrate with the family is really unique,” Eric Detweiler said.

The pride extends from the sons up to the father, too.

“He’s been working hard,” Isaac Detweiler said. “He’s been coaching for nine years. Working hard just to get one. It’s just cool that I helped him get it.”

The boys made Mom proud.

“I will admit, I jumped over the fence and I didn’t go down the steps,” Michele Detweiler said.

“She came up and gave him a great big hug and same as me, gave me a great big hug,” Eric Detweiler said. “It’s something that we’ve been dreaming about. Like I said, been coaching for nine years, to finally get to achieve that is super cool.”

Whether it’s through calling the plays…

“Been in practice for so many years and going over things at home, game film,” Eric Detweiler said.

Throwing touchdowns…

“Dad and I put in a lot of hard work to get to that game and then eventually win the game,” Isaac Detweiler said.

Or serving as the ball boy…

“I know I contributed to being the ball boy and helping out with the team,” Wyatt Detweiler said.

The Detweiler family helped make history as state champions.