TOPEKA (FOX 43 AM LIVE) – The Junior League of Topeka is gearing up to host the fifth Annual Dress for Change Initiative this week.

Dress for Change is a fundraising campaign that seeks to educate people about the effects of poverty in the Topeka community. This year, they are focusing specifically on women’s health.

For the campaign, people that choose to be an “advocate” agree to wearing the same outfit for the duration of the campaign, which is 5 days. The Junior League of Topeka said this is significant as most women in poverty only have 1-2 different “work outfits” they are able to wear.

Advocates are asked to not only wear the same clothes, but are asked to wear a pin imploring people to ask them about what they are wearing. This way, they can start a conversation with others about women’s health in poverty.

If you are unable to participate in the campaign as an advocate this year, you can still participate by buying a t-shirt. The Junior League of Topeka has made t-shirts especially for the event, so people can still support the cause and help bring awareness, without having to become an advocate.

If you are unable to participate by wearing the same outfit each day, people can still help by donating! Click here to learn more about donating.

To learn more about the event, watch the full interview above or click here to go to this website.