TOPEKA (FOX 43)- Washburn Tech offers an Apprenticeship program to build-up students’ skills why they are still in school, in preparation for the workforce.

Courtenay Wills serves as the associate director for the apprenticeships program at Washburn Tech. She joined our Fox 43 AM Live show to tout some of the details.

“By the time you are done with your apprenticeship, you’ve completely figured out your competencies, you’ve done all of your classwork, you’ve got a job, your employer has paid for your education and hopefully, once you’ve finished the program, you can move up in the company.”

She elaborated during the rest of the interview about the program, the benefits and ultimately, how the program works to keep Kansan students in Kansas when they venture out into the workforce.

For more information, you can watch the full interview above or click here to see the apprenticeship webpage.