Family Video closing after more than 40 years, last Topeka location included

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Many places and industries have been hit hard by this pandemic, including a local video rental store.

Family Video has been around since 1978. Last week, the company made the announcement it’s closing all stores.

DVDs and game rental stores have been on the decline for a while with the increase of streaming services and on-demand options for entertainment. But once the pandemic hit, the entertainment industry couldn’t make many films or release them.

Since movies were being made or were put online, it caused Family Video to shut its doors for good.

“They usually did one of the two, so what that resulted in was since they pushed it back, it got pushed back for us too,” said Terra Langley, general manager of the Topeka Family Video. “So there was just very, very few…we still got movies every week but there were very few big movies that people usually go to theaters for. We didn’t get them either.”

Family Video only has one location open in Topeka, the southwest Topeka store about one mile west of 29th Street and Wanamaker Road.

There isn’t an exact date to when the store will officially close. However, Langley expects the store will be open until February. As of now, they will stay open to sell out the entire store.

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