TOPEKA (KTMJ) – Believe it or not, the next school year is fast approaching. Linda Burgen, Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Capper Foundation, stopped by FOX 43 AM Live Tuesday to give us way to get your kids ready to go back to school.

Burgen recommends two weeks in advance, start working on gradual changes to their morning routine. Kids need to get back on a sleep routine too. The Capper Foundation also recommends other activities two weeks in advance:

  • Set up some playdates with a few friends at the park
  • Shop with your child(ren) for school supplies and let them pick out some of the supplies themselves.
  • If screen time has gotten a little out of control over the summer, start limiting it.
  • Do some table games and activities to increase tolerance for sitting.
  • Read books and magazines with your child(ren).
  • Visit the school and play on the playground (if allowed).
  • Create a lunch list or ideas of familiar items to pack for lunch and snacks.

If making this transition is difficult for your kid(s), Burgen recommends a “parting plan.” Practice saying goodbye ahead of time and consider putting a small comfort item in their backpack. Also go over a safety review with them (traffic, crossing streets, caring for personal items) and setting expectations & goals for the school year.

Other tips and resources can be found here.

Along with going back to school, Capper Foundation is also gearing up for Concert for a Child. You can find more information about that at this link.