HCCI: Now’s the time to work on personal budget


TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) — Marilyn Stanley, executive director of Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., recently spoke to FOX 43’s Erin La Row about how the nonprofit continues to help clients during the pandemic. Stanley said their mission is to counsel and educate all people to achieve their housing and financial goals.

She said the agency has recently had an uptick in phone calls regarding personal debt. Stanley says right now is the best time to work on a budget, and HCCI’s certified counselors can help lead clients through the process. Right now the agency is taking next-day appointments for financial counseling. Tenant/landlord counseling clients will be put on a call log and will receive a call back.

Stanley also said the state extended an eviction and forclosure hold that now runs through May 26. This restricts evictions and foreclosures during this time for financial hardships resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

For assistance, call HCCI at 800-383-0217 or visit HCCI’s website.

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