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TOPEKA (KTMJ) – The cost of college has steadily increased over the last 30 years. In that timeframe, tuition costs at public four-year colleges grew from $4,160 to $10,740 and from $19,360 to $38,070 at private nonprofit institutions. As costs have risen, so has the need for student loans and other forms of financial aid. 

Today, more than half of students leave school with debt and the average loan balance for college students in Kansas is $31,502 

To help combat these rising costs, Kansans have the opportunity to enroll in the Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program. The Kansas State Treasurer’s office has partnered with American Century Investment Management, Inc. to offer one of the most effective ways to make higher education a reality. The Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Program has features and benefits designed to support students in launching a meaningful career and to potentially help reduce the need for student loans.