Pet Advice: Cold Weather

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – With the weather getting colder, Dr. Amy Guernsey stopped by FOX 43 AM Live on Tuesday to give some tips on how to keep your pet safe throughout winter.

How cold is too cold for dogs to stay outside?

You need to factor in things like temperature/wind chill, the age of the dog, breed, prior acclimation and underlying health conditions.

If appropriate for the animal, what are some things to consider for outdoor pets?

You should consider adequate shelter, frequently changed water source, careful attention to changing weather conditions. If you’re taking your pet for walks, pay attention to the care of paw pads (salt, ice, etc). 

Consideration for cats?

Cats are more independent. Strays can consider building shelters and seeking warm places, which may mean the hood of your car.

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