Pet Advice: Watch your older pet for changes

FOX 43 News Pet Advice

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – For older pets many chronic diseases have subtle onset and slow progression, but can be treated or better managed if diagnosed early.

Declining mobility and exercise intolerance may be arthritis or back and neck pain which can be managed very effectively.

A declining appetite, or a pet becoming finicky about foods is often a symptom of other diseases. Some can be completely corrected, others like kidney failure, can often be managed successfully for many months. 

Don’t ignore lumps and bumps on your older pets.

Benign tumors are easiest to deal with when small, even malignant growths generally have a better outcome when addressed early.

Declining vision should be investigated quickly and even cataracts, which are very common, should be monitored closely for secondary complications.

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