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TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) – In this week’s Pet Advice segment, Dr. Amy Guernsey with University Veterinary Care Center discusses why pets need dental care.

What pets need dental care?

  • All, but some more than others.
  • By 3 years of age, most pets have some degree of dental disease.
  • Some breeds are predisposed

Why is dental care important to overall health?

  • Oral comfort
  • Calcified bacteria/chronic infection
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Why would a vet recommend a dental procedure under anesthesia/why can’t they be done on an awake animal?

  • The need to remove tartar while safely protecting airways.
  • The opportunity to x-ray teeth and gain an understanding of underlying periodontal disease.
  • Remove diseased teeth.
  • Makes a clean slate for at-home care.

What can be done at home? 

  • Brushing is ideal.
  • Pet toothpaste or water for mechanical removal of plaque.
  • Dental treats under supervision, no bones or antlers.
  • Water additives

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