Greater Manhattan Community Foundation adjusts to changing needs to serve others amid pandemic

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) — The Greater Manhattan Community Foundation is adjusting to ever changing needs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Assisting the community through recovery efforts has been an important part of that. Vern Henricks, president and CEO, says they’ve helped the community through the Covid-19 Disaster Recovery Fund and MHK Together, and now through the annual Yes! Fund Campaign.

YES stands for Youth Empowering Success. The campaign has provided support to the community for about 25 years, raising more than $6 million for helping local youth with after-school and summer programs. Henricks says the campaign will raise about $250,000 this summer through Labor Day weekend. Currently, they’re looking to school districts and teachers to give them advice as to innovative ways they can educate children.

Henricks says through MHK Together, $260,000 from seven individuals was raised and is being used to buy gift cards to help local businesses. They’re in the process of giving away those gift cards to people who’ve struggled financially during the pandemic. So far, he says, they’ve given away more than half of those gift cards.

With the relief fund, they more than $140,000 was raised to for utility and rent support and other emergency needs.

Henricks says the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation serves as a connecting point to help connect people with organizations providing services. To find out more or donate to the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation visit

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