Kansas Highway Patrol reminds you to “Look Before You Lock” this summer

FOX 43 News

TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) — Summer’s sizzle is here and that has the Kansas Highway Patrol reminding parents and caregivers to “Look Before You Lock.” This simple step could save a child’s life.

Trooper Gustavo Ramirez spoke to FOX 43 meteorologist Becky Taylor about hot car deaths. He said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 53 children died in hot cars in 2018 and 52 died in 2019, adding that’s 53 or 52 too many. He said parents may get caught up in their daily routines and busy mornings and simply forget their child is in the backseat — it just takes minutes for a hot car to become deadly.

“These deaths are 100 percent preventable,” Ramirez said. “All it takes is a couple seconds for you to look back there and make sure nobody’s forgotten.”

Ramirez said caregivers need to get in the habit of looking back before locking the car. He also said if you happen to see a child or animal locked in a hot vehicle to help get them out of the car and call 911.

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