Look to the night sky: What Kansans can see with supermoon, lunar eclipse next week

FOX 43 News

TOPEKA (KTMJ) — If you look to the night sky late on Tuesday, May 25th into the early morning of May 26th, you might get a glimpse of the super blood moon and lunar eclipse.

The supermoon will brighten the night sky while folks in western states will get to see a total lunar eclipse. Northeast Kansas will be just outside of the viewing area for the total eclipse, but Brenda Culbertson, solar system ambassador for NASA, says the areas should still get a good show leading up to the eclipse, weather permitting.

Culbertson recently joined FOX 43’s Erin La Row on FOX 43 AM Live to talk about the significance of the supermoon and eclipse. Culbertson is also offering a free moon viewing from 8-9:30 a.m. Friday, May 21 at Shawnee North Community Center, 300 N.E. 43rd St., Topeka

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