Pet Advice: Caring for your pet’s paws in winter weather

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) — Winter weather can be harmful to your pet’s paws.

Dr. Travis Gratton with University Veterinary Care Center said while fresh snow isn’t much of a problem, ice and sleet can cause irritation or injury.

Gratton advises keeping your pet out of slush and standing water because soaking wet fur decreases the insulation factor.

Also, avoid surfaces that’ve been treated with salt and ice melt products.

When you go inside, wipe down your pet’s paws with a warm, wet cloth.

You may want to consider dog boots if you’re out frequently for long walks or play time.

Another option, “paw balm” products or petroleum jelly rubbed on the pads of your pet’s paws will provide a barrier outdoors, but will need to be wiped off when you come inside to avoid a mess on floors and furniture.

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