Shawnee Heights football returns to practice, with restrictions

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KTMJ) – The Shawnee Heights football teams is back at practice, but it comes with some restrictions.

Shawnee Heights High School is making sure they are following all state guidelines, including keeping practice to five hours a day. The coaches and players also have to meet social distancing guidelines. 

The players are starting to get into their daily routine by switching off between conditioning and running drills on the field.  Although practices have resumed, they come with some changes. 

“We make sure the coaches are wearing masks,” said Shawnee Heights Head Coach Jason Swift. “We have about eight other coaches here that volunteer their time, that way we can space it out and put them in groups. We keep them in smaller groups and we keep them exercising with the same kids everyday.”

 The players also have to clean the equipment used with cleaning wipes along with making sure they sanitize their hands often. 

According to defensive end Ziwaun White, these precautions are not only keeping them safe, but bringing the team together. 

“I do think the precautions we are taking right now did help us,” White said. “We have to think more on our feet and it started with our teammates coming together in order to succeed.”

Traditional practices and competition will begin Aug. 17 for Kansas high schools. The Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds’ first game of the season will be Sept. 4.

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