Topeka Youth Commission offering grants for youth projects to improve community

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TOPEKA, KS (KTMJ) — The Topeka Youth Commission is offering $10,000 in grants to help fund local youth projects under the theme “Stay785.” Brynne Liedtke, program co-chair, and Adrianne Caracioni, finance chair, stopped by FOX 43 AM Live to talk about the grants and what the commission hopes to accomplish.

“The Topeka Youth Commission is a youth-led initiative, group, where we’re really focused on making the change that youth want to see in Topeka and also working and partnering with adults to help make that change,” Liedtke said.

“We want to fund projects that improve Topeka somehow,” Caracioni said. “So the goal of this grant, a lot of the times you’ll hear youth complaining or they express dismay or disappointment about the city and lack of fun things to do, and so we wanted to give them the opportunity to create the change they want to see and take initiative.”

The Stay785 theme of the program encourages youth to stay in the area after high school.

“We want them to really love their city and have things here that they’re interested in or if they’re interested in something bring it here. This grant gives them the platform to do that,” Caracioni said.

The deadline to apply for a grant is November 20. For access to the grant or for more information about qualifications, visit the Topeka Youth Commission website.

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