MAYETTA (KTMJ) – Executive Chef Brenon Kincade of Three Fires Steakhouse at Prairie Band Casino & Resort joined FOX 43 at 4 Wednesday to share one of their new specialty entrees that will be on their summer menu.

The featured dish is a Mediterranean quinoa with seared halibut. In the Mediterranean quinoa gets made with quinoa cooked with fresh zucchini, arugula, sun dried cherries, edamame, kale and fresh heirloom tomatoes. The Mediterranean quinoa is seasoned with salt and pepper only to allow the natural flavors to shine. The seared halibut is a 6 ounce Pacific halibut that is seasoned with salt and pepper as well. The dish features an arugula pea stew similar to a pesto sauce but it doesn’t contain any basil or nuts.

Other featured items that go with the dish is fresh heirloom tomatoes sliced with a burrata cheese.