ZOO AND YOU: Can you count the stripes on a tiger?

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Topeka Zoo is holding a unique contest to promote the 2020 Census. Do you know how many stripes are on a tiger? Zookeepers at the Topeka Zoo have a pretty good idea.

“We actually cheated when we counted the stripes on a tiger,” said Topeka Zoo Director Brendan Wiley. “Recently Sanjiv had a routine physical exam and he had some dental work done and while he was sound asleep, we counted each and every stripe.”

People who guess the closest to the number of stripes will get a behind the scenes tour of the Topeka Zoo’s tiger program. Wiley said the zoo is using counting tiger stripes to highlight the counting done during the 2020 Census.

“It’s really tough for census takers to get their job done,” Wiley said. “People aren’t home, maybe they don’t answer the door, so there are actually census taking opportunities through out the community.”

On Saturday, the Topeka Zoo offered free admission to kids under the age of five. While kids checked out the animals, parents could get more information about the census.

The census specialists will be back at the Topeka Zoo on March 12 and 13 to start counting people for the census. The tiger counting contest will run through March 15.

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