ZOO AND YOU: Zookeeper says bats are adorable, not creepy

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Bat-kind is in need of a good publicist. Despite their many accomplishments Topeka Zookeeper Joe Maloney says bats do not get the recognition they deserve.

“They’re just fascinating creatures. They’re the only mammal that can fly so that’s a pretty good stat to have under your belt,” said Maloney. “They are also responsible for seed dispersal and pollination of hundreds of species of fruiting plants around southeast Asia where they’re from.”

The bats in the Topeka Zoo are fruit bats, which means they don’t eat meat. Still, Maloney says pop culture has kept them in the shadows.

“It’s they’re silhouette and how we’ve associated them with Halloween but really they’re not aggressive,” said Maloney. “They’re faces look like dog faces. They look like little foxes so they’re one of the cutest bats you can find.”

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