TOPEKA (KSNT)– COVID-19 cases are on the rise and people are going almost anywhere they can to try and find a test, leaving some places like Urgent Cares and Emergency Rooms depleted.

These places are already overcrowded with COVID-19 patients and understaffed like healthcare facilities nationwide. Topeka ER & Hospital said that the majority of their beds are being used right now to treat people with COVID-19, but the hospital is still having to treat people with other illnesses and ailments.

“We also have regular patients coming in with heart attacks, strokes, car crashes that we need to keep taking care of,” Emergency Physician Chad Gustin said. “The beds that we need for those patients, are harder to find because we are so busy with COVID patients, and the sheer number and the lack of staff.”

A representative of MedExpress reached out to KSNT with a statement regarding their current Urgent Care status, saying they are also experiencing a surge of COVID-19 and seasonal illness patients.

“We’re also seeing an increased number of patients looking for COVID-19 testing before and after traveling,” Communications Specialist Olivia Serdy said. “We recommend that incoming patients plan accordingly for longer wait times and visit our website for any changes in operating hours.”

Even though many places are overwhelmed with patients and staffing shortages, there are other places in the community that are offering free testing. In Topeka, there are places like Hummer Sports Park, or the Walmart off of California Avenue.

If you don’t live in Topeka and want to find a convenient testing site near you to go to, click here to find one close by to you.